Monthly Archives: August 2016

Observe and Absorb 6

In management consulting, unlike photography, quantity can’t replace quality. On a sunny Saturday morning, I sat at the neighborhood market café, entertained by people watching. At the next table, a young guy with a funny hat and reddish beard was working on his Mac Book, feverishly editing some artistic picture. On his table he had an old, boxy Canon camera […]

Simple, Sincere, and…

Careful: Your Acronyms Define You. Professionals love to use acronyms: PMP, EPT, IPA, ROM, EFT, FTE, TOC, just to list a few that are under the belt of project and portfolio managers. It is tempting to use them: acronyms give the impression of knowledge, that the issue at hand is known, the subject is clear and simple, tamed and controlled. […]