We are committed to help people enhance their thinking and insight and make effective decisions. Our presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions are designed to help individuals and groups unlock their unique capabilities, acquire new strengths, develop goals and objectives, and enhance their creativity and communication skills in order to make the best choices and successfully execute their plans.


Sy Aslan is a speaker, author, and coach with over 30 years of experience serving as a business advisor to managers and executives of Fortune 500 companies, helping them plan, execute, and sustain strategic and tactical goals. For over a decade after that, Sy has developed and delivered workshops and seminars to train individuals and teams to cultivate effective insights, develop leadership and communication skills, enhance creativity and innovative thinking, and use effective problem-solving and decision-making methods and processes.

Sy has delivered academic classes on various management and decision-making subjects for executive MBA, graduate, and undergraduate programs, and has presented in numerous professional conferences and events.

Sy’s unique presentation style combines powerful and practical ideas with entertaining stories from real life, literatures and movies to inspire and create lasting lessons for any audience.