Our challenge is to help people and organizations make better decisions.

The decisions we make determine how well we capitalize on our opportunities. To make the best decisions, we must identify and utilize insight, experience, and judgment to best exploit opportunities and fend against threats.

Our training, seminars and presentations concentrate on the fundamentals that help current and potential leaders unlock their unique capabilities and effectively tap into the collective wisdom around them.

By combining analytical and collaborative techniques we help leaders enhance their creativity and communication skills in order to make and execute the best choices.

Our programs are based on decades of experience distilled into practical methods for decision-making and problem solving. We help people develop their talent to gain insight, solve problems, inspire trust, develop ownership and commitment, and bring about a desired change.

Createspace 6x9 Cover Design (5)Sy Aslan

Founder and president of Aslander Strategic, a consulting firm that helps organizations enhance their performance and effectiveness. The firm concentrates on


developing leadership capabilities, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

Sy has over 30 years of experience in helping organizations optimize the utilization of their resources at strategic and tactical levels.  He has worked with and led numerous project and portfolio teams as well as facilitated group brainstorming and decision-making sessions.

As a speaker, workshop leader, and trainer, Sy helped groups and individuals achieve professional effectiveness. He has lectured in under-graduate, graduate, and executive MBA programs and written on variety of management topics.

He holds a B.S., M.S., and P.E. degrees in Management and Engineering with a specialty in Operation Research and Process Optimization.

Selected companies for whom training or presentations was delivered:

20160917_171449-2Abbott   |   Bank of America   |   Baxter   |   BB&T   |   Bristol-Myers Squibb   |   CalPERS   |   CHW   |   CIT   |   Citibank   |   Dematic   |   Ernst and Young   |   Equitable   |   Exxon   |   Haliburton   |   First Data Corporation   |   Johnson & Johnson   |   JPMorgan-Chase   |   Kraft   |   Merck   |   Microsoft   |   Mount Sinai Medical Center   |   Morgan Stanly   |   Mylan   |   Newell Rubbermaid   |   NFL   |   Nielsen   |  Omnicom   |   Perot   |   Polar   |   Prudential   |   Robbins-Gioia   |   SITA   |   Sogeti   |   Southern California Edison   |   South West Airline   |   Stryker   |   Wachovia   |   Westinghouse   |   Wyeth   |