Coaching and Facilitation

Our facilitating and coaching techniques are tailored sessions aimed at supporting decision makers in developing their strength and ideas and help them become more creative in dealing with complexities and ambiguities.

We work hand in hand with the individuals and teams as they solve problems, develop and implement plans, and manage their business operations. The sessions designed to enhance focus, effectiveness, and intensity, and lead to the desired results with less time and effort.


A global investment bank experienced a rapid deterioration in the quality and consistency of product information arriving from different business units and regions. We worked with the client team in facilitated sessions to develop an Information Management strategy. In a period of three months, we helped the team define and implement an approach that established an effective and timely access to enterprise-wide information resulting in more accurate reporting and faster decision-making.

A national consumer finance organization experienced reduced market share and erosion in profit margin while maintaining multiple expensive legacy systems. We worked with the CEO and his direct reports to develop and introduce a company-wide improvement program. While we facilitated the overall effort, the direct reports implemented the program initiatives bringing back the company strategic viability.

The new CIO of a multi-national developer and manufacturer of health care products needed to improve the alignment between the Information Technology and the business units it supported. We worked with the CIO and his team in facilitated sessions to create an effective process and organization structure to support collaborative decision-making with the business.