Facilitation and Coaching

Our facilitating and coaching techniques are tailored to support decision makers in developing their ideas in a highly creative manner and overcoming complexities and ambiguities. The workshops are designed to enhance focus, effectiveness, and intensity, and to lead to the desired results with less time and effort.

When planning workshops with individual decision maker the techniques may include management style assessment, game theory principles to understand stakeholders’ impact, and various brainstorming methods.

When tailored workshops for a team, we work hand in hand first with the individual team members to create understanding and rapport, then we work with the team as a whole to help them structure the sessions, identify the issue, develop effective frame, identify options and scenarios, reach an agreed upon solution, and develop implementation plans.

Facilitation Examples:

A global investment bank experienced a rapid deterioration in the quality and consistency of product information arriving from different business units and regions. In facelifted workshops, the client team develop an Information Management strategy. The team defined and implemented an effective method for timely accessing enterprise-wide information, resulting in more accurate reporting and faster decision-making.

A national consumer finance organization experienced a drop in market share and erosion in profit margins. In facelifted workshops with the CEO and his direct reports, the team identified and introduced a company-wide, multi-tier improvement program. A key outcome was that each direct report identified the initiatives they are able to support and together agreed on the collaboration effort required for the success of the program.

A new CIO of a multi-national developer and producer of health care products needed to improve the alignment between the Information Technology and the business units it supported. In facilitated workshops with people from the technology and the business units create an agreed upon effective process and organization structure to align and govern the decision-making process.