Decision Making and Problem Solving

When making tough choices or solving critical problems about strategy, technology, resources, and customers, organizations rely on their people experience and clear thinking. Organizations need leaders, managers, and team members, who can use their experience and clear thinking to assess situations, form judgments, make intelligent decisions, and do so in a timely and efficient manner.

Objectives: In this program, participants will refine their skills and develop effective strategies for solving problems and for making successful decisions quickly and effectively. They will learn about:

  • The importance and effective problem solving and decision-making
  • Problem solving and decision-making relationship
  • The process of clear, creative, critical thinking
  • Best practices for effective of problem solving and decision-making
  • Selecting and using the decision making process that is appropriate for the individual and the organization
  • The process to Identify, frame, and define problems
  • The skills for effective problem solving and decision making
  • Decision pitfalls, biases, and traps
  • The tools and techniques that enhance the skills for solving critical problems and making effective decision
  • Creating shared understanding to facilitate collaborative decisions