Stories that motivate and build commitments.

We offer engaging presentations related to Critical Thinking, Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making that enhance motivation, articulate vision, communicate essential management issues in simple and entertaining manner, and offer avenues for to create buy-in to change and transformation. The following subject may be stand-alone or tailored to fit specific cases.

Confident Decisions in an Uncertain Reality

When we make a decision we commit to transform our vision into reality. To make the right decision at the right time is imperative to maintain high quality of our lives and businesses. Our capacity to make wise choices is the most important indicator of how good we can be.

The presentation hones in on the key principles of effective decision-making. Participants will learn about principles that enhance insight, experience, and judgment and allow them to foresee and exploit opportunities within themselves, respond to potential threats, and make wise choices under risk, uncertainty, and constraints.

Find Your Leadership Voice

In every role we find ourselves, be it manager, coach, specialist, team player, or individual contributor, leadership skills play a powerful and important role. Regardless of position, we must all view ourselves as leaders and co-leaders to inspire and mobilize those around us.

The presentation challenges the audience to identify and spark the leadership fire within each one of us and bring out the best in each individual in the organization.

Foster the Creative Mind

Visions that inspire innovations and create competitive advantage are conceived by the creative mind. Creativity is at the heart of every successful organization, directing its growth and prosperity. The creative mind is curious, proactive, and constantly producing ideas, whether they are small ones that accumulate over time, or breakthroughs that change the organization completely.

The presentation sets a framework for nurturing the personal creativity of leaders and co-leaders. This framework helps attendees see more clearly the pathways to creative thinking, respond more quickly and effectively to change, and engages diversified thinkers to create and enhance core competencies.

Are You Communicating?

Communication skills are at the core of effective leaders and decision-makers. Communication is not just what we say but also how we say what we mean, and how we listen and interpret what others are expressing. The way we talk and listen impacts our abilities to coordinate and create synergy.

The presentation challenges the attendees to enhance communication skills when sharing ideas, giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflicts, while avoiding the pitfalls that limit and disrupt value creation.

Effective Group Decision-Making

Becoming an effective team is an unrelenting challenge. Effective teams can exchange more information, create more knowledge, and spark more unique ideas. Members of effective teams share visions, and coordinate actions.  They co-manage, co-lead, and resolve their conflicts quickly. And like each team member, each teams is different, with its own characteristics and personality.

The presentation identifies the challenges of creating effective teams and encouraging individuals to come together, facilitate group decisions and help direct their team efforts towards common visions and goals.