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Allan Ash is handsome, wealthy, and has an impeccable reputation as a financial consultant on Wall Street. But his perfect life begins to unravel when a strange request from a mysterious client coincides with details about the bizarre disappearance of Allan’s father, who skipped town without word nearly a year ago. The connection leads Allan to uncover hints of a massive conspiracy, but it is not long before he finds his life threatened if he doesn’t stop searching. Undeterred, Allan must ally himself with Victoria, his recluse and abrasive mother, as well as “Mary” – a beautiful and possibly dangerous stranger, while he follows a trail from the glass-and-steel towers of Manhattan to the remote deserts of New Mexico, where a powerful secret is hiding that will change his life forever.

A gripping and philosophical epic, Sensory weaves the tension of a corporate thriller with the mythic fantasy of the American West. From these two worlds, it challenges the way we think about ourselves and the people around us by asking an unexpected question: How do we unlock the hidden potential of the human mind in creating true connection?

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Createspace 6x9 Cover Design (5)As business consultant of many years, I learned that the best ideas and the most effective implementations come from collaboration. The right balance of diverse emphatic individuals can collaborate and achieve greatness. I also learned that the right way to convey ideas is through storytelling. Sensory is a novel that presents people with enhance empathy combining forces transcend mediocracy.