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Allan Ash is handsome, wealthy, and has an impeccable reputation as a financial consultant on Wall Street. However, his perfect life begins to unravel when a strange request from a mysterious client coincides with details about the bizarre disappearance of Allan’s father, who skipped town without word nearly a year ago.

The connection leads Allan to uncover hints of a massive conspiracy, but it is not long before he finds his life threatened if he does not stop searching. Undeterred, Allan must ally himself with Victoria, his recluse and abrasive mother, as well as “Mary” – a beautiful and possibly dangerous stranger, while he follows a trail from the glass-and-steel towers of Manhattan to the remote deserts of New Mexico, where a powerful secret is hiding that will change his life forever.

A gripping and philosophical epic, Sensory weaves the tension of a corporate thriller with the mythic fantasy of the American West. From these two worlds, it challenges the way we think about ourselves and the people around us by asking an unexpected question: How do we unlock the hidden potential of our mind to create true connection?

The idea behind the novel:

The world we see around us is a fragmented world, full of intolerance, hatred, and fanaticism. We see disdain for everything that is different. We see claims for superior truths and rights that come from divine forces. Yet, we know that any time diverse, emphatic individuals collaborate, they achieve greatness. Without this sense of collaboration in our lives, we cannot escape the feeling that we are missing out on something important, something that resides in our dreams and rustles in the back of our minds. It is the need, the aspiration, to belong to a community where trust and collaboration prevail.

We may visualize such a community as a self-organized one where the skilled and the experienced lead in their fields without feeling superior, and they appreciate and collaborate with those who lead in different fields. In such a community, nothing is demanded, yet everyone is eager to contribute. People take responsibilities with as much vigor as they are capable, knowing that anything they do is appreciated. Their motives come not from monetary rewards but from heightened empathy, deeply sharing the happiness and sadness of those around them in the same manner as catching a contagious laughter when hearing a hearty one rolling.

Sensory is a literary exploration of this concept. In the novel, such a community exists in the village of Sonora, deep in New Mexico. It is not some hippie, festive existence; it is not devoid of conflicts, competitions, and aggressions. Rather, the heightened empathy turns all the energy of its citizens toward a shared goal. The innate power of individuals turns into harmony of openness and effective collaboration. Those who thrive here are the ones who learn to master this culture of emotional exposure and vulnerability, feeling connected as they become part of something bigger than themselves.

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Sy Aslan is a speaker, author, and coach with over 30 years of experience serving as a business advisor to managers and executives of Fortune 500 companies, helping them plan, execute, and sustain strategic and tactical goals. For over a decade after that, Sy has developed and delivered workshops and seminars to train individuals and teams to cultivate effective insights, develop leadership and communication skills, enhance creativity and innovative thinking, and use effective problem-solving and decision-making methods and processes.

Sy has delivered academic classes on various management and decision-making subjects for executive MBA, graduate, and undergraduate programs, and has presented in numerous professional conferences and events.

Sy’s unique presentation style combines powerful and practical ideas with entertaining stories from real life, literatures and movies to inspire and create lasting lessons for any audience.