Training and Development

The success of our training results from offering the most advance management thinking and motivating participants to take active, intellectual and collaborative roles. Our hands-on workshops focus on helping individuals and teams achieve their full potential.

The subjects include:

  • Decision-Making and Problem Solving
  • Leadership as Personal Development
  • Group Decisions: Culture and Process

The workshop program includes three stages.

  • Pre workshop stage: prepares the participants to take the most advantage of the workshop, and assess and tailor the seminar to their needs.
  • The workshop: teaches and coaches participants in the subject matter.
  • Post workshop stage: follow-up to support participant in implementing what they learned.

The workshops are tailored based on audience type, size, and needs, including individuals or very small group.

Decision-Making and Problem Solving

When making tough choices or solving critical problems about knowledge experience and clear thinking.

In this workshop participant will learn to refine their skills and develop effective strategies for effective problem solving and successful decision-making. Participant will learn to become effective leaders, managers, team members, and family members, who use their knowledge, experience and clear thinking to live full and proactive life, assess situations, form judgments, make intelligent decisions, support those who depends on then and do so in a timely and efficient manner. They will learn about:

  • The importance of effective problem solving and decision-making to our lives
  • Problem solving and decision-making duality
  • The elements of clear, creative, critical thinking
  • What we really know, what we can learn from our experience
  • The best practices for effective of problem solving and decision-making
  • Decisions’ pitfalls, biases, and traps
  • Assessing our individual style for decision-making, our strengths and weaknesses and what best practices should we adopt to enhance it
  • The effectively ways to identify, frame, and define problems
  • The way we should prepare to make future decision intelligently
  • The way to create shared understanding to facilitate collaborative decisions

Leadership as Personal Development

Leadership is the most important characteristic needed for the success of any endeavor. Wherever we are, our leadership, however small is essential.

In this workshop participant will learn to identify and enhance their leadership trait and style. They learn to cultivate and leverage their leadership capacity that exist within them in everything they do. They will learn to how to coordinate and motivate others to assume leadership responsibilities. They will learn about:

  • The role and the value of good leaders
  • Leadership styles and traits, what we can learn from them
  • How to identify and enhance our individual leadership skills and capabilities
  • How to communicate like leaders to gain cooperation and alignment
  • How to deal with uncertainty and drive effective change
  • How to use information and expertise of resources available to us
  • How to inspire and mobilize others to deliver results with and without authority

Group Decisions: Culture and Process

Effective organizations need the capability to capture, manage, and utilize their most effective decisions making experience. This express itself in annual planning, business transformation, strategic alignment and strategies implementation, Project Portfolio Management, Integrated portfolio management

In this workshop participant will learn how to create a culture for capturing and managing the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of the organization for making consistent and effective decisions. They will learn about:

  • The way people think and make decisions
  • Harnessing the wisdom of groups and capitalizing on the value of effective group decisions: tacit insights, experience, and judgment
  • Making decisions under multiple objective, and diverse points of view, values and biases
  • Developing effective processes to create shared understanding and common language
  • The value of Learning Organizations
  • Method to facilitating group decisions: align and coordinate the actions of different teams, business units and functions